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nightmare cat evil dream

1 year ago

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teufel katze schwarz
A mentally ill black cat
black cat with white eye
black and blue cat
dark evil Cheshire Cat from a twisted version of alice in wonderland
Chat noir, avec des yeux verts très clairs. Sapins et joyeux Noël
generate me a black cat cute
ameise katze violett böse
Portrait of black cat with yellow eyes on a mountain
Generate a close-up illustration of cat in a neo-noir style, reminiscent of the film noir genre. Showcase her beauty, but with a sense of danger and mystery, through the use of shadows, contrasts, and a bold, dark color palette. The illustration should evoke a feeling of suspense and intrigue, capturing the essence of the neo-noir genre
Black phanter eyes in the dark
Portrait of a big smiling Cheshire cat, eyes glowing on a rainy night, fading in and out of reality, perched on top of a neon covered high rise, light reflections on the fur, character, impasto main character almost leaping from the page, cyberpunk metropolis, bright neon highlights, vigorous painterly brush strokes full of emotion and life, inspired by Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo and Ghibli

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