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a girl with short curly hair 8K

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Kandinsky 2.2

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gadis berkerudung yang memikat hati
portarit of a young dark red curly hair girl, green eyes, wearing a beige tube top
Использование тени portraying a youthful, model, face of woman bathed in a spotlight, soft lush curly warm long hair, silhouette standing out against dark surrounds, crisp edge lighting, long shadow stretching out, cinematic composition, monochromatic palette with a splash of color from the spotlight, high contrast, emphasis on negative space, digital painting, masterpiece, sharp focus, depth of field, unreal engine, perfect composition, digital art on pixiv, artstation, 8k, hdr,belly dancer
woman, twenty years old, white blond shortish hair, wavy, strong facial features, sof nose, light grey eyes, light pale skin, rose lips whithe shirt, portrait, close up, beatiful young woman, many shadows, hair tied up, loose strands framing face
Portrait of a beautiful-looking 20 year old woman
נערה עם שיער חום בהיר קוקו נמוך עם שביל באמצע עיינים חומות פרצוף צר שפתיים עבות אף רגיל קצת קצת רחב
junge frau braune haare ganzkörper locken
32k photo, portrait young redhead woman. ( blue eyes, black sclera) perfect masterpiece, ()), rule of thirds,
brunet o brązowych oczach z kręconymi włosami i słodkim uśmiechem
photorealistic extreme close-up portrait woman
an attractive woman
ginger curls

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