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President Benjamin Harrison a Cyclops

8 months ago

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ludwig von apfulstredel papy fait de la resistance
sigmund freud
President Benjamin Harrison painted as one eyed monster easting children
An elderly man, his face lined with wrinkles and framed by a thick, graying beard. He wears a well-pressed black suit, the kind that seems to have been tailored specifically for him. A crisp, white shirt is tucked neatly into the suit pants, and a black tie is expertly knotted around his neck. His posture is stooped, and he holds a cane in one hand to steady himself as he walks. A pair of round glasses perch on the bridge of his nose, magnifying his kind, wise eyes. Despite his age
برنارد شو
Richard Wagner
portrait of Cavour
henry anderson tjondro
usa 1920 man with beard
haz a benedetta alberti
Portrait of Sigmund Freud like star wars scientist
carl-ludvig bloch heby

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