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Kandinsky 2.2

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لماذا أنا وحيد ههههههه تبا لكم
لماذا أنا وحيد ههههههه تبا لكم
dark clouds with corporate details, neon
A ship and wicked men are sinking, and a man is standing watching from the sea
In a place where no one ever came close to dreaming about... a place from a foaming brain, there is a tiny ripple of truth that duplicates sanity to reality... existence of self-pity and triumph! This is a long gone dream in which only lost souls find mercy from a god of an insane creation! Blowing cold winds that come from an uneven breathing pattern warm the frigid core of the sun! Rotting brain from inside the brittle bone of an old branch impatiently waiting to outgrow the sky… You are lost
A moody and atmospheric scene of a lone figure standing on a foggy pier at night, with the silhouette of a ship in the distance and a faint glow on the horizon.
in the sea - a boat with red winds and a beautiful girl on the shore
لماذا أنا وحيد ههههههه تبا لكم
انا وحيد
A boat in the midst of high waves
A boat in the midst of high waves