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gta bath room

8 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


farm futuristic interior
Design the interior decoration of a bathroom with a lot of natural light and modern with a dark color theme in Gothic style
Huge space door, cinematic
فضاء كبير
scene of a big cozy underground survival bunker with round blast door, pistachio-colored walls, recreation zone, 80s aesthetic, big tv, VR headsets, videogame consoles, board games, cozy chair, bright accent lighting, cinematic, octane render, rim light
Wc und die Wände aus hochizontales 3D-druckbare Beton
interior inspired by millitary tank with futuristic design
atmosphère autour d'un spa, détails précis, haute définition
real estate, kente, interior, cinema 4d, octane render, high detail
High resolution digital image of a dark stone room with the ceiling covered in green slime.
A spa design from multiple directions that has innovative technology, the spa should uncles a lot the rainforest since it will be located in a jungle in a luxury wellness resort.
a look from the inside of an extratrerrestrial submarine, hyper realism, photo realism, realistic lighting, realistic color grading

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