Placeholder: dark red hair anime man yelow eyes in armor dark red hair anime man yelow eyes in armor



dark red hair anime man yelow eyes in armor

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Gambarkan super hero laki laki genos
π day is 14 of marth
zhongli old
Very detailed illustration in anime style, leather clothes, black denim leather jacket, extremely detailed face, (very detailed black hair, yellow eyes and some dragon scales on his red body
anime captain black hair
Парень ,Черные Волосы,прическа Челка вверх,Золотые Глаза,Мрачный Взгляд,Черные Доспехи
a 16 years old boy, wearing a valoran uniform that is battling with a dark evil villain instensly
π day is 14 of marth
a sly looking young man with dark brown hair and a charming hairstyle and brown eyes, anime themed light metal armor on top.
um garoto de anime aparência 16 anos na era medieval um cabelo preto olho esquerdo ,olho direito vermelho com uma espada preta e poderes de fogo usando uma capa preta e uma roupa preta com detalhes vermelhos
a young 19 years old half-vampire. handsome. dressed in medieval dark clothes and gray mantle. long red hair. light blue eyes. defiant look
Lelouch kun with blue

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