Placeholder: moloch god half man half cow, synthwave picture style , moloch god half man half cow, synthwave picture style ,



moloch god half man half cow, synthwave picture style ,

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a dystopian city from extreme distance in the shape of an image of Moloch as a bull, neon
Vintage illustration of a demonic and magical brutal and angry bull made of red flames and fire, savage and obstreperous nature, Tsuguyuki Kubo art, Topcraft, vintage storybook illustration style, ornamental, fantasy folk art, psychedelic theme, inspires by 80s Japanese anime, early Studio Ghibli, fantasy animation
Taurus: Known for their careful financial management and diligent work ethic, Taurus individuals are promised resounding success in 2024. They witness a significant increase in their income and have the opportunity to invest wisely, further increasing their wealth.
crea una vaca
Portrait von einer kuh als Kupferstich
A fiendish stench cow with orange fur with tints of green, digital art, fantasy
portrait of a dairy cow in pop art style, full frame
t-shirt design, angry bull with sunglasses on his eyes, digital art by Jan Tengnagel, shutterstock contest winner, furry art, artwork, angular, art. Symetrical
The Asad bull.
In a heated debate, a Taurus stands firm, their unwavering determination etched on their face. They dig their heels in, refusing to budge from their position. Attempts to sway them become futile as their stubbornness becomes a formidable barrier, even if it ultimately works against their own interests.

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