Placeholder: Gothic castle in the hills incredibly detailed 8k gothic art Gothic castle in the hills incredibly detailed 8k gothic art



Gothic castle in the hills incredibly detailed 8k gothic art

Ugly extra limbs, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, deformed.

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3584 × 4480


create a backround of a castle with clouds around it slowly darkening as they go closer to the castle and a river in the middle
hogwarts in star wars theme
subconscious deep and relax fortress on magic tower , realty mountains, only sky, color is dark black , where you can see , panorama. Background: An otherworldly bathed in the cold glow of distant stars. gloomy landscape with dramatic HD highlights detailled
magical mysterious dark castle magic amazing mesmerizing landscape, elden ring, dark arts, the witcher,whole full realistic photo,breath taking, sharp lense, professional photographie, 70mm lense, detail love, amazing quality, unreal engine 6, wallpaper, colerful, highly detailed, 32k, soft light, photo realistic illustration .CANON EOS 5D IV Lens 24.0mm f/10.0 1/250s ISO 100, NIKON D 750 Lens 24.0mm f/4.0 1/250s ISO 100( ultra full hd), ( ultra full hq), (extremely highly detaild), (award winni
hogwarts castle, edward hopper style
Готический замок на фоне леса
an enormous, extremely aesthetic castle on top of the great mountains in the Caucasus, midnight, pessimistic and depressing atmosphere, very rainy, baroque architecture, victorian era, late 1800s, very detailed, aesthetic, dramatic lighting
beautiful landscape, atmospheric, depth of field, realism, focal point, castle
Raya Lucaria academy, liurnia, majestic paiting masterpiece, rich detail, on rock pillar, lake in front, hogwarts, mist, lumen reflection,
Land of Lord of the Rings
fantasy, Castle, vulcan, landscape, photorealistic, 16k resolution, sharp focus, post-processing, painted Renaissance style

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