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draw yourself

realistick face, neon green

5 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


ellie williams from the last if us in a the walking dead game art style
ارسم لي قصه تبكي
pretty girl, aged 20, brown hair, chubby, adventurer, realistic
just draw a female sketch without any clothes
Ellie Williams from the last of us
Life is Strange cute Max Canfield screensaver, pink tones
draw yourself
ارسم صوره بنت
Realistic anime art style. Her eyes are marked with black eyeliner. Her lips are painted with matte black lipstick. She has olive skin and blue eyes, and her ear-length dirty blonde hair is drawn back in a ponytail. She is wearing a casual purple t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and navy blue sneakers
draw yourself
Digital art, high quality, digital masterpiece, natural illumination, night illumination, night inside illumination, realistic, spotlight, (fullbody:2), (1 young boy:2.5), (Short dark brown hair:1.8), (Tan skin:1.8), (Cute femenine face:1), Cute, (Shy smile:1.8), (Livingroom:1.8), (Small goblins around:1.8), action film style, comicbook style
صوره بنت تريد انتحار

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