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futuristic compact disc

13 days ago

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4096 × 4096


The which in 8k sci-art drawing style, clash of the them, the which custom, neon effect, intricate details, highly detailed, high details, detailed portrait, masterpiece,ultra detailed, ultra quality
create me a thin round laurel golden rim. but mechanical cyberpunk laurels. background should be #000000 full black. no face should be visible. its just the rim. the middle should be empty.
cyberpunk grenade, black background
futuristic logo hitech technological gadgets HAWKEN photorealistic uhd 8k VRAY highly detailed HDR
Expressively detailed and intricate 3d rendering of a hyperrealistic : cyberpunk objects, time machine, blue and pink neon, dystopian, front view, symetric, artstation: award-winning: professional portrait: fantastical: clarity: 16k: ultra quality: striking: brilliance: amazing depth: masterfully crafted.
Warp drive engine
highly detailed eyeball, neon colour, cyberpunk, futuristic, Super detailed 3d , ethnic details, intricated details, as trending in artstation,
bobafett, GOLD blue white CHROME, alta calidad, render 3d render, digital art, 32K ultra hd, hiperrealista, cinematográfico, de alta definición, nuevo diseño, estilo tron, detalles atmosféricos ultra detallados, hermosos efectos brillantes, efectos de chispa, MULTICOLORS, MATERIAL METAL,
A futuristic device in the shape of a large circular shield, activated by the movement of your hand, that protects people from falling off buildings with its soft yet durable texture.
In a dark, futuristic setting, a gleaming white SpaceCoin hovers in mid-air, surrounded by a swirling nebula of deep, cosmic hues. The coin emits a radiant light, illuminating the darkness around it. The contrasting colors evoke a sense of mystery, sophistication, and the boundless possibilities of the digital frontier. —c 10 —ar 2:3
create me a large letter H encased in a thin round, ornate golden ring. metallic,silver accents can be used. mechanical futuristic space cyberpunk style. extra electrical and pneumatic details, robot arms, laserguns. think dyson sphere, warp core, plasma couplings, maybe on the side of a spaceship. background should be #000000 full black. the H should be at least 2/3 the size of the image.
the capital letter H. Encased in a futuristic object with lots of greebling, lasers, tubes, cyberpunk details. it looks like a spaceship. background is black.

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