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A logo for the hard rock band

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logo, with black background, having a poker card and inside a skull
aves malvadas pisando un craneo xilografia monocromo
a skull smoking a cigar, background without color, frontal view, drawing, painting, semi-realistic, pastel colors, painting
Unique, creative, and innovative electric guitar design. Something that could be taken out of the final fantasy universe
Blow my mind skull with neon source
electric Guitar notes
Create a menacing and intricate logo for my band 'Theoretic.' The design should incorporate elements similar to 80's Florida bay area metal bands like Death and Obituary. It should evoke the dark and heavy aesthetic of the thrash/death metal genre, with sharp, bold lettering and a sinister vibe. Incorporate elements that convey aggression and intensity while maintaining a classic, vintage feel.
سوداء وسام من جمجمه مرعبة
I want a more vivid and scary design.
demon skull, scifi anime style
scary pirate skull with worms coming out of the eyes synth wave color splashes, illustration, black background, drippy style

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