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picture where is fairytail castle next to elf's cabin

18 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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a little house in a forest, ghibli style
futuristic alien kingdom with middle age stone castles with rounded spires
medieval inn of a fantasy tow in a distance
天空湛蓝,飘着朵朵白云,在云层中隐藏着一个漂浮的童话城堡。城堡是粉色的,闪烁着微小的星星,草地上长满了翠绿的草,有一颗大树挺拔而茂密,树冠下是一片清爽的草坪,上面散落着五颜六色的花朵。大树上有一只小松鼠,它正好奇地凝视着天空中的城堡。 一条清澈见底的小河蜿蜒流过,河水清澈透明。河中游弋着一只纯白的天鹅,它在水中留下优雅的波纹,仿佛在跟荷花玩耍。 河上有一座彩虹色的小桥,桥的两端有小石子修饰,桥上有一位穿着五彩斑斓裙子的小公主,她正在向对面走来。桥上还有一位小朋友手拉着手,一起欢快地往城堡方向走去。
uma linda casa na árvore, ghibli style
rumah yang asri
background for a game, parchemin, nature, fantasy style
progressive rock music album desert dragon floating castle
beautyfull lands in anime style
Make the graphics of this image look more realistic
Craft a fantasy kingdom that is forged in the forest. Alongside this kingdom is seen a river that gently flows.
a tiny house, nestled in the uppermost branches of a towering tree, providing a cozy and secluded sanctuary amidst the dense foliage of a vibrant forest. The air is filled with the earthy scent of moss and leaves, and the gentle rustling of the wind creates a soothing melody. The mood is whimsical and inviting, with a touch of mystery and adventure. A mix of realism and fantasy, capturing the magic of nature's embrace. Watercolor washes and intricate line work, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau mov

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