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10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


create a 3d image of a sofa which has the style of mid century but looks like a banana. It should look like a 3d model and look like its made out of fabric which would be comfortable to sit on
Design a mural with a focus on color fusion, blending various shapes in a harmonious and visually striking array of hues.
Space pastel sofa
The design of the Concept sofa is inspired by the shape of a fan
ikea sofa that is modern and hip . realistic and high quality fit all the sofa in the view colorful
Yellow loveseat sofa and side tables against of colorful circle patterned wall. Mid century interior design of modern living room. Created with generative AI
Full of vibrant colors and bold geometric shapes, carefully crafted patterns in the style of Marimekko but not Marimekko replicas come to life in this stunning collection. This visually captivating image showcases a series of meticulously arranged patterns, each radiating energy and creativity. Whether a painting or a photograph, the image reflects impeccable attention to detail and mastery of color combinations.
a vibrant depiction of psychedelic effects swirling in the air and adorning the walls of a cozy living room inside a spacious house, abstract art, vivid colors, surreal atmosphere, hallucinatory, immersive, trippy, mind-bending, ethereal, modern interior design, vibrant lighting, otherworldly ambience, 3D render, high resolution.
Create a hand-painted muraL featuring energetic chevrons in a striking color scheme, evoking a sense of modern sophistication. Give it a handpainted wall mural effecg
sofa curve design ceative
sofa curve design
Creative furniture inspired by cmera film

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