Placeholder: A small brown mountain painted by Albrecht Durer A small brown mountain painted by Albrecht Durer



A small brown mountain painted by Albrecht Durer

11 days ago

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3328 × 4992


mountain of keys, Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich writer, keys in the foreground, realistic
This painting is a landscape painting with towering peaks in the distance, a steep mountain with a cloud shrouded summit. At the foot of the mountain, there is a clear stream flowing out of the mountain stream, passing through dead leaves and stones, emitting a faint rumbling sound. Alongside the stream, there is a lush forest where small animals forage and play under the trees. The sky in the painting is clear, seemingly radiating a glow. The entire painting is bright, using different shades of
a snow-covered steep massiv mountain reaching into the clouds. On top of the mountain is one long needle thin tower. seen from the bottom of a valley. fantasy concept art, Mark Brooks and Dan Mumford, comic book art, perfect, smooth
mountain landscape Joy happiness hyper real
góry alleluja
portrait of a montain view by leonardo da vinci
mountain range by Andrea del sarto
mountain range in snow by andrea del sarto
"matterhorn" as painting form swiss side in the light morning sun with the clouds
landschaft mit Bergen und See
snowfall in mountains by rubens
A secluded mountain alcove, rocky cliffs, dimly lit, burt pine trees, scorched earth, many craggs, realistic, medieval, painterly,

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