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كيوراكو بدون قبعة

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"I want you to create an image of the character Gojo Satoru from jujutsu kaisen with a focused expression that evokes fear when viewed."
Boy Baki hanma, anime
Dark skin guy, bald black hair, medium nose, brown eyes, wearing a red wine sweater shirt with white long sleeves with a T logo on the right, khaki jeans, white shoes, anime style
شخصية بورتو من انمي نارتو
Vegeta from Dragon Ball when he was a kid
Create a photo that captures the essence of Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter in a vibrant and dynamic hip-hop style. Incorporate elements like graffiti, street fashion, and urban landscapes to bring out the energy and passion of the character, 4k, ultra hd, ultra detailed, high quality, unreal engine 5, artstaion, hunter x Hunter, anime, anime art, details, sharp focus, vibrant, stylist pose
Create luffy's hat only the non-human hat with the illustrated style
Saitama from one punch man, Hyperdetailed, cinematic lighting , hdr, dtm, full hd, 8k, ultra detailed, by anna dittmann, by Yoshitaka Amano, by stefan gesell, realism, superb
garou from one punch man
شخصية بورتو من انمي نارتو
One piece zoro, black German uniform

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