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Reworked industree enginner

16 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

Guidance Scale


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3328 × 4992


Hard dark industrial techno underground
small steampunk brewery in small stone haus
Diorama of science fiction apartment, Miki Asai Macro photography, close-up, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski
five nights at hitler house, realistic, 8k --ar 2:3t
Techno szene wien
Cold metal_room abandoned cold_lighting metal_walls computer_screen desk broken charging_station sci-fi small_room oil_on_the_walls_like_blood old_looking exit_door_back oil_all_over_the_place wires_hanging_from_the_ceiling door closed_room very_small_room
An astraunot in a store, in the night, 8k,unreal engine, very detailed, cinema 4D, perfect angle
Steampunk livingroom
photo realistic depiction of a gulag prison transit train interior
escape room, agents ,16k, 3d rendering, expressively detailed, steampunk, cyberpunk, dynamic light, expressive lighting,
4k full realism, full details, full lights, cupidon s'échappe d'une prison
sewage treatment plant, hyperrealistic 16k, 3d rendering, expressively detailed, dynamic light, expressive dark lighting, steampunk, video game, few neon details

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