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Hot, artistic, noble, bully man in his mid twenties.
But this is the only explanation I can give about it; Because there is nothing else to say, his blue and bright look is not deep at all... I love him... more or less... but there is nothing to discover in his character; Just unlike Catherine who had thousands of hidden and undiscovered features after breaking the fence of her loneliness.
شاب جميل
An intelligent and wise young man in his twenties, who offers wisdom and love to others.
laki laki tampan
صورة حقيقية لرجل وسيم
Super star Mahesh Babu
Tobias Wulff aus greven
realistisches porträt von einem jungen gut aussehnden mann mit lockigen kurzen haaren
fluffy hair boy 25yo
A young man at the age of twenty-five, his features are Arab, sharp and gentle, a little from the pre-Islamic era. His hair is silky black, not long, and his eyes are blue.

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