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four-faced buddha statue

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


portrait of buddha
hindu devotional image of shiva
Buddha on a mountain top
a beautiful jade buddha, soft colours, masterpiece, 8K
The emphasis on compassion and the impact of words align with the Buddha's teachings on Right Speech.4k resolution
buddha in right side of the frame
crea un'immagine fotografica di un buddah seduto al centro di un tempio illuminato dalla luce del mattino
lord buddha speaking under a tree cinematic
A wide angle image of a golden statue of Buddha with chrome top and golden light from the side
Central to Buddhist philosophy is the practice of mindfulness and awareness.4k resolution
potrait of Nemini vihara
After their covert activities, the pickpockets retreat to their homes, blending into ordinary life with the wisdom of Buddha's teachings lingering in the air.

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