Placeholder: cosmic being is coming through a brick wall cosmic being is coming through a brick wall



cosmic being is coming through a brick wall

16 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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2880 × 5120


Podcast Cosmos
multiple cosmic entities made of stars are surrounding a person who is cowering at the sight of those cosmic entities
10 portals to different dimensions opening within each other coming from fantasy far away view of beam
movie poster style, at the frontier between reality and virtual digital world, 4K, very detailed
person with neglect looking to the right side of space
human having a spiritual experience
secret data server hidden in a underground metropolis that looks like a dark metallic hive
Spiritual awakening to the universe in a graphic design
stone shiny slab wall open space, direct view. magic , galaxy, infinity, space, face of god
Galaxie lumineuse, capitaine de vaisseau, vêtements cosmiques, magnifique ambiance, étoiles brillantes,
the cosmic entity is begged by the human to return the human to his friends and family
Digital Painting, dark, starry background with a central image of a perplexed astronaut floating in space, surrounded by abandoned alien ruins, Surrealism

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