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dema is a fucking sucker

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Kandinsky 2.2

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woman with blue wings in space, in the style of the stars art group (xing xing), detailed character illustrations, victorian-inspired illustrations, iridescence/opalescence, detailed facial features, luminous color palette, commission for
psychedelic creepy botanical woman face forward by james jean
create an abstract cubist, , ethereal, darkly magical illustration of an epic Andalusian sorceress, with highly detailed and deeply cut facial features, in the style of GUSTAV KLIMT, EDWARD BURNE-JONES, WILLIAM MORRIS, and KATHE KOLLWITZ combined with the comic art style of BILL SIENKIEWICZ and JEAN GIRAUD MOEBIUS, searing lines and forceful strokes, precisely drawn, inked, and darkly colored
creepy fairy woman by james jean
Woman illustration fantasy
paper craft style plants and flowers ernst haeckel maria sibylla merian. tristan eaton, victo ngai, artgerm, rhads, ross draws, Kaethe Butcher, Hajime Sorayama, Greg Tocchini, Virgil Finlay, sci-fi, colors, neon lights. digital painting, pixiv, by Ilya Kuvshinov, neon lights, 3D, perspective
a woman in boheme chic outfit adorned with flowers, vibrant colors, anime-inspired, soft pastels, brush strokes, ethereal, digital painting, beautiful and intricate patterns, delicate curls, rainbows, playful, stylish, high contrast, striking shadows, fantastical elements, modern twist, retro vibes, lively and energetic, surrealistic elements, kaleidoscopic patterns, dreamlike atmosphere, whimsical, effervescent, contemporary flair, eye-catching details, magical ambiance, lively, youthful, pop-a
Merveilleuse femme galactique, traits fins et raffinés, réaliste, charmante, douce et joyeuse, long cheveux blonds, magnifiques yeux violet, bijou cosmique sur le front et au cou, avec de grandes ailes, cité galactique background, turquoise et violet
singer Melanie Martinez face, beautiful cyberpunk huge girl, hyperdetailed, illustration by Katsushika Hokusai, darkblue tones,
beautiful mermaid ,full figure, fish tail,watercolor, beautiful face, beautiful eyes, purple eyes, black hair, clean design, art station, splash of colorful paint, cute fishes, contour, hyperdetailed intricately detailed, unreal engine, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution, pale skin, twilight, extreme quality, extremely detailed, ultra-detailed face, ultra hd 8k,
outline art for coloring page, follow the image detailed lines, thin black lines and large white blanks, low density of fine lines, light grey shades, with white background
A beautiful portrait of a cute woman orange color scheme, high key lighting, volumetric light high details with white stripes and feathers and celtic paterns

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