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Kandinsky 2.2

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you are an expert photographer with 30 years of experience. You have been asked to photograph a 50 year old Latina woman. She has grey hair that is closely cut to her skull - a little longer than a buzz cut. She is female but identifies with masculine pronouns.
Una mujer viega con lentes, que se vea familiar y amable.
a wise mature young man, portrait , white studio background
Create my image more stylish , should look like 35yrs old but without grey or white hairs and without spectacles
Blonde hübsche erwachsene Frau
Queens portrait of an average white woman mid 40's
a kind old woman go hiking and see the sun rise with big smile
Old lady lying on her bed looking outside the window, sick and looks lonely raining outside
The most beautiful girl on the world 60 year old, dark blond long hair, dark blue eyes, delicate, narrow dark blond eye brows, small nose, wide lips. Cheek dimples. Chin not protruding forward.
obaida bahri
A SEXY AND PREETY old woman WITH RED LIPS AND VERY DARK MAKEUP in the style of Alan Kenny , highly detailed, unreal engine, octane render, 8k
Maria Mikklavchcih