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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Stunning natural true colors and not too saturated professional photography showing the beautiful face of a mature woman on a white background
photorealistic Professional Woman in Her 40s, Caucasian Descent, featuring her entire head
foto si rima waktu umur 60 tahun
50s middle aged old woman looking at camera isolated on white background advertising dry skin care treatment anti age skincare beauty, plastic surgery, cosmetology procedures. Close up half face view
hermosa mujer rubia de 75 años ojos azules muy trabajadora
girl, 50 years old,style position (masterpiece), best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face, 8k
Mature woman
realistic, (49yr old female)without makeup, Caucasian beautiful face, 3/4 head position, dark hair, studio lighting, cinematic light, beautiful woman, milk beige middle hair, perfect anatomy, on white background, 8k Resolution, highly detailed, non-symmetrical body a, detailed hairstyles and skin texture
60 year old women
Stunning natural true colors professional photography showing a voluptuous and incredibly beautiful 50-year-old European woman
a beautiful bulgarian woman, in her 40s, short brown hair, dark brown eyes, realistic digital drawing, 4k
my mum 100 years old

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