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Seth Sorenson from the book Fablehaven

4 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


create a portrait of a rogue that is a halfling in larry elmore style
Rotund young villager, fantasy, medieval, adventure
in A4 portrait, make the background color be dim with cool lighting, have a kid in a bottom center of the however make him only a small part of the image, make him hold a lantern or a torch. make the boy face a landscape or city with a night sky and the back against us, make this in the style of a drawing, make sure its A4
​ In the fantastical realm of Maeruth, our protagonist, a young and determined boy named Shinichi, navigates the intricate tapestry of a world divided into four great kingdoms. Utria, a land dominated by humans; Fliuvania, a haven for elves; Ugrium, the domain of dwarves; and Hohram, ruled by drak elves and orcs. Shin, a half-elf, calls Utria home, a realm of both beauty and peril.​ Raised within the revered Fujimara Temple, Shinichi's roots are entwined with the legacy of the greatest clan Mae
"Amid the morning sunlight, meet Alex, a young boy confidently navigating a world of vibrant self-expression. With a skilled hand and a palette of colors, he creates a unique masterpiece, adorning himself in iridescent makeup and fabrics that dance with the breeze. In his sanctuary, where music hums in harmony with his heartbeat, Alex's beauty unfolds—a testament to the artistry of authenticity. Capture this moment, frozen in time, as he paints his identity with courage, love, and self-discovery
قرر شاب مغامر يدعى "مروان" أن يكشف سر هذا القصر. تسلل مروان إلى القصر ليلاً، حاملاً معه مصباحًا يدويًا. كان القصر مظلمًا ومليئًا بالغبار. ساد الصمت المكان، ولم يكن هناك أي صوت سوى صوت خطوات مروان على الأرضية الخشبية.
junger waldelf
A rogue halfling, D&D, DnD, malicious smile
DnD Fantasy, A Child Wizard, Wearinf Wizard Robes, Olive Skin Tone, Golden Eyes.
Jeune fille manga aux cheveux court et bouclé marron dans la forêt style Nausicaä de la vallée du vent
Percy Jackson
Young skinny scrawny 13-year-old boy with messy brown hair, freckled face, white short-sleeved shirt with brown armbands on sleeves, green sleeveless tunic coat, brown belt in a medieval setting, arms and hands behind back, cartoon art style

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