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small cat with water in the road

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Kandinsky 2.2

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a black and white homeless little kitten, sad, (dirty on fur:1.4), (disheveled fluffy fur:1.3), walking down the street, (paving slabs:0.5), (simple background:1.4), man legs, sole of the shoe, running ago, rain, (in the style of an Jeremy Mann:1.4), ivan aivazovsky, dark shot, (warm light reflection:0.1), disco elysium, digital artwork, ,best quality, high resolution, extreme detail, outstanding composition, masterpiece,
a cute evil kitten
A agressive warrior cat
قطة متوحشة
Seekor kucing kecil gemoy terlihat sedang menangis setelah kehilangan induknya di teras rumah suasana hujan deras. gambar full hd8, rumit, suasana hening, dan estetik.
a blaccute evil kitten
A Cat running very fast in the jungle, front shot, close up, National geographic style, motion blur, sharp focus, 8k
a cat in the rain looking for the shootout
cute cat Photos
A chocolate brown marbled tabby she-cat kitten, with white paw and cyan eyes, side view.
Cutest on the planet kitten

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