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11 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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charilie puth in anime style art
generate a 14 year old girl with brown wolfcut hair, big overzied grey hoodie who is gaming at her pc. she has clear framed glasses and a white headset
Generate me a fan art of elvebredd
Fur jacket, anime girl
Dessin femme européenne, longs cheveux bruns lisse, yeux bruns, visage long, streameuse sur Twitch, joue aux jeux videos sur son pc gameur, le fond contient des LEDs violets, porte un pull sweat à capuche noir
femboy, short, with black hair and rainbow bangs short fluffy hair in a half ponytail, has a choker, kawaii goth, short height, freckles, pale skin, petite, sharp teeth, grey eyes, wears glasses, in femboy hooters uniform
masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, <lora:balsamique:0.8> Balsamique, light brown hair, green eyes, short hair, black coat, necktie, collared shirt, piercing, thick eyebrows, thick arms,
Cover art of an extremely beautiful woman, gorgeous beauty, semi realism, a female anime protagonist
Digital art, high quality, digital masterpiece, natural illumination, sunny day, realistic, film style, (full body:2.5), (1 young teenage girl: 3), (Brown hair:1.8), (pale skin:1.8), (subtlety smiling:1.8), (Mountain:2), (Winter:1.8)
girl, anime

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