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dachshund with a hat on

3 months ago

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dachshund with a beanie hat on and a cigar in its mouth
pug with a top hat and monocle on sitting on a rug
perro negro con lentes de sol y gorra en una playa del caribe como caricatura
Portrait of Dogo Doberman with cropped ears
primer plano de un perro salchicha detective con sobretodo verde oscuro, policial negro, fondo de paisaje urbano, húmedo y oscuro, contraluz, atmosfera de misterio
Ruwharige teckel in kerstpak
sausage dog in the snow
retrato de perro Beagle detectivecon gafas oscuras abrigo negro y fondo misterioso
Wiener dog with a big mustache
modern Portrait of gray american rat terrier
Jack Russell Terrier dog portrait, low light, blurred background. Shallow depth
Make a picture of a sitting wire-haired dachshund on a rain-soaked street with lit street lights along the pavement, it is night, a thick soft blanket is wrapped around the body, holding a small teddy bear in its mouth, an umbrella is attached to the blanket which has many lovely soft folds in which lie three little dachshund puppies wrapped in the folds to keep warm, the umbrella protecting them all from a heavy rain. highly detailed, . soft lightning, photorealistic,

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