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Kandinsky 2.2

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ولد حلو
gambarkan seoarng bayi perempuan berwajah cantik
picture of the girl
صورة فتاه
"Voices of Innocence: A Global Cry" captures the poignant narrative of children ensnared in the unforgiving grip of poverty, neglect, hunger, war, and abuse. Through this evocative series, I peel back the layers of their silent suffering, unveiling a collective plea for compassion. Each photograph serves as a stark reminder of the universal struggle these innocent souls face, their haunting gazes and fragile frames echoing the profound need for awareness and action.
Niña de 6 años cabello castaño obscuro pelo poco largo con camiseta de peca pig ojos verde obscuros morenita orejas normal
Pencil drawing style, portrait of a little girl, Masterpiece, best quality, sketch, sketch drawing, hash, pencil drawing, sketch style, drawing, beautiful face
a beautiful cute girl
Castiel and Dean Winchester's daughter, a twelve years old girl, dark blue eyes, dark brown hair, freckles on her cheeks, wearing plaid.
"(high resolution) (dramatic portrait), (little girl), (harsh light), ((up the nose:1.25)), (intense shadows), (contrasting tones), (close-up), (edgy expression), ((emphasized features)), striking eyes, (unique angle), (bold composition), (intense mood), ((contoured features)), (strong personality), (realistic skin texture), (professional photography), (edgy fashion), (creative makeup), ((intense gaze)), (fierce beauty), (sharp details), ((fashion model)), ((high cheekbones)), (intense highlight

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