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burning village at night

4 months ago

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orcs burning a village, night, painterly, sketch lines
village under one single blood moon
town beneath the mountain
Destroyed City With Fire and Smoke Rising and a Mountain With a Large Gate infront of it
superperspective, birds eye view. White-skinned orcs plundering a medieval town at night. Town is set on fire. Orcs killing and abducting humans. Covered in blood. puddles of blood in the streets. Brutal scenery, menacing, threatening.
photorealistic, pile of deadbodies, gory, silhoutte at night, burning village, huts burning, scorched village
Stillrise Village a place cursed by a Daedric Prince all who live here now are living skeletons unable to pass on forever on this mortal coil, in creepy pasta style
Envision a breathtaking cityscape of Old Valyria, standing proudly amidst the 14 flames. Dotted by grand, flat-topped medium sized towers crafted entirely from a mysterious, oily black stone, which seems to devour the surrounding light. The buildings are adorned with intricate and ornate structures, featuring dragon motifs, sphinxes, and symbols of arcane knowledge, each telling a story of the city's magical prowess and ancient mystique. The 14 flames illuminate the scene, casting an eerie yet
village under the blood moon
A Destroyed City With Fire and Smoke Rising and a Mountain With a Large Gate infront of it
erstelle ein bild von einer ork siedlung wie aus herr der ringe, düstere atmosphäre, dunkel, gruselig
assassin's creed rooftops night scene

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