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15 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


Tipis bubbles and genies
Soap bubbles on a beautiful background
des bulles dansantes sous l'eau provenant d'un spa
bubbles, pointillism, relaxation, luxury, dream world, calm beauty, symmetry, fantasy world, magic, beautiful composition, exquisite detail, 28mm lens
Lots of pale rainbow-colored transparent soap bubbles floating in the dark.
abstract pc desktop wallpaper background with flying bubbles on a colorful background. aspect ratio 16:9 . Generative AI
Several soap bubbles floating in the dark soil.
Tipis bubbles and genies
dancing bubble see from under the water
iridescent soap bubble, black background, cinematic lighting, dramatic oily iridescent sheen, concept art, splash art
abstract render of iridescent and holographic geometric organic shapes/circles flying
Cotton Candy, Bubbles, focus on max 20 bubble, close up, volume, burst, splash color, big drops of paint splash, sharp, add financial assets, fashion items,

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