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Kandinsky 2.2

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raton pirata en un barco en el mar oleado
Ghibli Rat
Hiiri se kissalle takkia ompeli
A grey shrew with giant ears producing a sonic blast from its mouth, digital art, fantasy
Di Desa Tito adalah tikus berwarna abu-abu yang cerdas dan suka berpetualang. Dia selalu penasaran dengan dunia di luar lubang tikusnya. Namun, ada satu masalah besar yang selalu menghantuinya: dia takut dengan kucing.
portrait of mouse by rembradt
a mouse --style 5i6PP5YAYEmIOsp
siamese rat dumbo
A mouse wearing heavy clothes in a cave
little rat in pajamas
Ghibli rat
"Let's sketch Stuart Little, the adventurous mouse, against a pristine white background in a style perfect for a kids' coloring book! Show Stuart with his tiny red sweater and friendly smile, perhaps holding his iconic cap. Capture his curious eyes and whiskers, showcasing his brave and charming personality. Use simple, playful lines to depict Stuart's small stature and endearing features. Invite kids to add their chosen colors to this sketch, letting their imagination run wild as they bring Stu

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