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Kandinsky 2.2

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magic fabulous underwater marine world, multi-layered and multidimensional structure, algae, textured corals, unusual flowers, intricate, pearls in open shells , an extraordinarily beautiful landscape,bluish-green color, fractal, surrealism, careful drawing of details, clear contour, clear detailing, botanical art, pale pink, milky, light green, blue, mother-of-pearl luster, curls, swirls, smoke, beautiful, realistic, soft lighting, high resolution, high detail, masterpiece,ISO 1000.5 d,1024k
Fantasy Coastal Creatures without vibes Oddly Turned Into Dangerous Viruses based on colorful seashells Photo warm vibe
A magical forest with glowing mushrooms and fireflies, Generative AI, 80s retro futuristic sci-fi., nostalgic 90s. Night and sunset neon colors, cyberpunk vintage illustration, synthwave
an explosive splash of neon spora, a girl around the exlopsion neon, fungus spora in the air, spora explosion, buble twirling in the dream garden
a bunch of different colored blobular shapes in a field, a microscopic photo, tumblr, generative art, : psychedelic ski resort, abstract claymation, mobile wallpaper, dmitry mazurkevich, corals, digital art ”
Gambar mikroskop
Biology consist of a large number of cells and chormsome
cellules eucaryotes adhérentes vues au microscope pendant la division cellulaire, pas d'animation, photo réaliste, Photo nette et très détaillée en 4K, grand angle, nette, vibrante, éclatante.
pájaros volando en el fondo del océano con flores multicolores y peces curiosos
coral, single object, fractal, covered with ancient flowers, scientific illustration, neon, ultra realistic, artstation: award-winning: professional portrait: atmospheric: commanding: fantastical: clarity: 16k: ultra quality: striking: brilliance: stunning colors: masterfully crafted.
Lush rich ocean life, Oysters, vector animation, color design

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