Placeholder: empty 1960's mall color, low lights empty 1960's mall color, low lights



empty 1960's mall color, low lights

18 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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generator room
dark, gloomy, 1960's mall, inside
Casa de los 60
empty 1960's mall with neutral colors, pink floor
escuela 90 aniversario informatica empresas arte audiovisual
control and command center, simple design, clean layout, clear floor, tiled ceiling, simple ceiling, empty floor, empty ceiling
history of computer images
Projetos elétricos industriais e comerciais: desenho técnico
still shot; action scene headquarters in remote underground bunker housing a cavernous array of observation screens monitoring every physical address around the globe. from a fictitious mid century b&w white sci-fi horror mystery themed hit tv show. the basic premise is that televisions are actually giant telepathic cameras. it sees & knows all. mass mental surveillance is global pro photo real
empty 1960's mall color dim lights
history of computer images
average run of the mill pro photo shoot set up in the middle of the average American midcentury living room, oversize cathode ray tube cabinet stye television set glowing ominously in background

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