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mountain with northern lights

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


a realistic photo of aurora
Горы, на небе красивые звёзды и красивое небо
a very beautiful highly detailed, (Aurora Borealis:1.3), over a large round lake surrounded by shoreline and trees, view from shoreline, by greg rutkowski, photorealistic, intricately detailed, high quality, 64k, very wide shot
space mountains, starry, hd, animated, 3d, particles
nebula, "sparkles" | fantasy art, digital painting, concept art, Yanjun Cheng, Alena Aenami, Anna Dittmann, Asaf Hanuka, Gustave Dore, Alyssa Monks, Alphonse Mucha, Josan Gonzalez | ultra-fine details, sharp focus, complex, 8k
beautiful fantasy landscape, realistic and natural, cosmic sky, detailed full-color, nature, hd photography, fantasy by john stephens, galen rowell, david muench, james mccarthy, hirō isono, realistic surrealism, elements by nasa, magical, detailed, alien plants, gloss, hyperrealism, fantasy art, hyper detailed, astral, psychedelic, galactic, beautiful, colorful, infinity, elaborate, synesthesia, iridescent, ethereal, expansive, pastels, cosmic space age, huge crystal planets, planets made of di
Lots of colors, like the northern lights.
Mountains at night like artist Bob Ross 4k
snow, sky full stars, pine trees, Northern Lights, simple paint landscape background
snow, sky full stars, pine trees, Northern Lights, simple paint landscape background
realistic and detailed concept art of acity ​​hidden inside a mountain near the coast in the arctic circle, stormy weather, high quality, high resolution, detailed, 4K,