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rysunek realizm Bieszczady las wiosna niedźwiedź

5 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4992 × 3328


a painting of a bear in the style of HuskMitNavn
cA delightful scene of a cute little bear cub sitting on a branch of a large, sturdy tree. The adorable bear is perched comfortably with its front paws, its chubby little body resting against the branch. Its attention is fixated on a piece of paper that it holds in its fore-claws, intently coloring a vibrant picture of its woodland pals. The animal's fur is soft and fluffy, a mix of light and dark brown hues, while its eyes are expressive and curious. The branch it's sitting on is surrounded by
Cute fluffy bear in rain
süßer panda
A majestic grisly bear in the forest , natural colors, dynamic light and shadow, mid-angle , intricate details, very detailed scene with intricate details, realistic, natural colors, highly detailed, UHD ,perfect composition, insanely detailed 32k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light
Mystical giant massive huge grizzly bear, guardian of forest
A polar bear running very fast in the jungle, front shot, close up, National geographic style, motion blur, sharp focus, 8k
realistic polar bear swimming in artic water with ice floes, 8k resolution, high-quality, fine-detail, intricate, digital art, detailed matte, volumetric lighting, dynamic lighting, 3D octane render, Marc Adamus, Ann Prochilo, Romain Veillon, National Geographic photo
Hot beer
rysunek realizm Bieszczady łąka wiosna wilk

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