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dark wallpaper with charmig villain

21 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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5120 × 2880


demon, female, big fangs, black hairs, elven ears, white skin, glowing eyes, black horns, yellows eyes, staff. warpoint, black lips, silver earrings, silver necklace, long ears, black makeup, ultra quality, ultra detailed, high details, highly detailed, hard-edge style
Transcendent being, jinn, Devil with evil face, be a girl, scary, dark, with mysterious eyes, real
a very beautiful alien queen, with a giant black crown-like carapace on her head, thick lips, with a shiny black spiky carapace covering her entire body, and a long alien tail with a giant spike sharp
Beautiful young faced voidcore metallic filigree steampunk bat woman qoth textured bat like wings and half face masqportrait textured feathers ribbed with voidcore style mineral stone ribbed headdress, black pearls i, white crystals n the long black hair, textured butterfly pattern embossed art nouveau black and violet costume extremelmly detailed intricate 8 k organic bio spinal ribbed detail of floral embossed voidcore decadent angelic background resolution epic cinematic maximálist concept ar
dnd character art of a drow warrior. high resolution cgi, 4k, ears, dark-charcoal-gray skin, unreal engine 6, high detail, cinematic.
4k full details full lights femme vampire, sang coule le long des canines, style victorien cyberpunk
urban fantasy, woman, dark-grey skin color, elf, noble, costume, skull mask on face.
potrait in a grim-dark style
urban fantasy, woman, grey-dark skin color, elf, noble, costume, skull mask on face.
dark elf, female, dark fantasy style, red eyes, skull necklace, white hair
Cybernetic female vampire, photorealistic, dynamic lighting, sharp focus, shadowplay

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