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6 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Picture with a tree in fantasy style
the tree of life connecting other worlds through portals on long roots to other worlds, on the right and left sides beautiful planets and galaxies behind the tree of life, beautiful flowers growing around the tree and flowing water around and fairies flying around the tree with birds.
Envision a digital artwork that merges the concepts of a Techno-Natural Utopia and an Ancient Wisdom Tree. This scene unfolds in a utopian landscape where advanced technology and lush alien vegetation form a symbiotic relationship. At the heart of this otherworldly garden stands an ancient wisdom tree, its thick, knotted trunk and sprawling branches bearing luminescent fruits that hold untold secrets.
Arbre de la vie
A three branches roots
dark roots texture
Tree of Life
tree of life
Fabric wrapped around tree
Mystical Wise Tree
Goleta adherida, pegada en el grueso tallo de un frondoso árbol vivo, ramas y hojas visibles,imagen centrada y de plano completo, nítido, detalles intrincados, hiperrealista, fotorrealismo, alta calidad, imagen súper realista, ultra calidad, testp, ultra texturas, ultra resolución, ultra realismo, detalles máximos, 3d, alta resolución 32K el mapeo de paralaje y la teselación de texturas

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