Placeholder: "A field of heather and wild flowers." "Realism" "Impasto paint" "oil paint on canvas"" "A field of heather and wild flowers." "Realism" "Impasto paint" "oil paint on canvas""



"A field of heather and wild flowers." "Realism" "Impasto paint" "oil paint on canvas""

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adults oil painting of a field of lavender, with its purple hues and calming scent style=oil painting, no outline , splashes of colors
A pathway, in the middle of the forest surrounded by plenty trees and beautiful pink flowers. Realistic painting”
fir forest
une prairie avec armée loin dans l’horizon
ocean puresky,realistic
blue, gold light effects colors, magic fields with delphinium flowers around, blue and white mountains in background, clear sunny light, highly detailed, high contrast, 8k, high definition, realistic, concept art, sharp focus
you can dream of an apricot-pink evening sky, or you can hallucinate one; Van Gogh
in A4 portrait, make the background color be dim with cool lighting , for example blue or purple, however do not make it dark. the background cover include images of nature, such as landscapes or serene water scenes in the style of drawing, let also depict a diverse range of individuals to emphasize inclusivity, the universality of mental health challenges
digital art, brush, sketch, digital illustration, comic style, stunning background, perfect anatomy, centered, approaching perfection, dynamic, highly detailed, art station, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, artwork style of Toshihiro Kawamoto, art style of Ghislain Barbe, art style of Makoto Shinkai.
a forest with a lot of trees in Claude Monet's painting style
magic Fir trees, flowers, beautiful landscape, delicate tones, translucent, snow white, clear lines, high-quality drawing, beautiful landscape, clear drawing of details, realistic, high quality, hazy haze, hyperrealism, delicate pastel tones, fabulous, highlights, high-quality detail, watercolor, snowy
Nature's Serenity: Green Trees, Rivers, Mountains, and Clouds" oil painting

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