Placeholder: A red railway covered in smoke painted by Wassily Kandinsky A red railway covered in smoke painted by Wassily Kandinsky



A red railway covered in smoke painted by Wassily Kandinsky

17 days ago

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un tren en el cielo, con colores cálidos y candidos, nubes con una atmosfera reluciente con un corazón en los vagones al estilo de André Derain
carton style czarna ogromna parowa lokomotywa, czarny dym z komina, biała para z przewodów i cylindrów
По рельсам таежным, несется, метель разрезая, желтым огнем фонаря, - паровоз, и дыма клубы из трубы, и пара, и искры из-под колес!
getting on the thought train; Ink wash with a gradient of turquoise, Royal blue and purple
stoi na stacji lokomotywa parowa, wielka i ciężka i pot z niej spływa, rysunek dziecięcy
Goro Fujita illustrating An antique steam train with a large white cloud coming out of the chimney travels through a beautiful autumn forest along the railroad tracks, art by Goro Fujita, concept art, sharp focus, ArtStation
create a painting with a train by night
the hogwarts express by ivan ayvazovski
A railway covered in smoke painted by Jean Dubuffet
The illustration for the book, called "The Road", feature two tramps, a long old freight train, around 1920.
Generate a coloring page featuring steam trains, such as locomotives with different wheel configurations (e.g., 4-4-0, 2-6-2) and styles (e.g., vintage, fantasy, futuristic). Incorporate the trains into diverse and captivating landscapes, including but not limited to: Countryside scenes with rolling hills and meadows. Urban environments with train stations, cityscapes, and bridges. Coastal scenes with lighthouses and ocean views. Mountainous terrains with tunnels and viaducts.
Steampunk stroj, pára, lokomotiva, vlak,

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