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aristocratic hunter, bloodborne style, front view

5 months ago

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a bloodborne style, really buff, tall, bald, white man, wearing only tattered clothing, no hat
demonic rogue criminal, gunslinger pirate pistol, gray ashen skin, small ram horns, pirate gear, red eyes, black neck length hair, short black beard
Young rogue elf male, with grey pale skin, wearing an eye patch on the left eye, bandages on his arms, wearing black leather clothes with a shoulder cape
male high elf ranger wearing a leather jerkin and a gray and green hooded cloak, with a mantle of brown owl feathers, full body
Kenku rogue black and gray feathers uncovered head
Gehrman from Bloodborne
Helltaker (game) modeus
Triton Rouge with blue skin DnD character. With a small dagger on his belt. Wearing black clothes with a hooded cloak.
steampunk plague doctor
Undead cowboy
DISHONORED run full body
fantasy character, d&d, owlin, blood hunter, male, small, fisherman, leathers,

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