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imagine you have to make a portfolio for an AI-focused study and you have to make a front for that portfolio and in that front you have to put the following data: Daan Bleiji, 500919921, 2023. To do this, create a front
decentralized head, cyberpunk, purple, blue, pink
highly detailed eyeball, neon colour, cyberpunk, futuristic, Super detailed 3d , ethnic details, intricated details,transparent background, as trending in artstation,
A captivating portrait of a futuristic shaman adorned with glowing tattoos and ethereal accessories, in the style of cyberpunk art, neon colors, intricate details, and expressive facial features, inspired by the works of Josan Gonzalez and Syd Mead, exploring the fusion of ancient spirituality and advanced technology.
A mesmerizing portrait of a cybernetic woman, her face a blend of organic and mechanical elements, with vibrant, glowing circuits and holographic patterns.
machine learning
thought-provoking image about generative artificial intelligence
Imagine a logo that combines elements of crafting and the mind to represent the essence of "MindCraft." Picture a design where hands delicately shape and mold a brain or a thought bubble. Envision this image in a modern and elegant style, with an emphasis on precision and progress. Think about how you can incorporate the colors royal blue, emerald green, and gold to symbolize trust, growth, and achievement. Sketch or describe this logo, paying attention to every detail.
psychedelic human face high detailed vector
psychedelic human face high detailed vector
Artificial intelligence in 50 years .
A mesmerizing portrait of a figure emerging from a swirling vortex of stars, galaxies, and cosmic phenomena, in the style of visionary art, luminous colors, intricate details, and a sense of wonder, inspired by the works of Alex Grey and Robert Venosa, inviting the viewer to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and our place within it.