Placeholder: design a futuristic chair, show it from 3 sides in the living room design a futuristic chair, show it from 3 sides in the living room



design a futuristic chair, show it from 3 sides in the living room

cartoon, comics, poor quality, easynegative, anime, toon, cartoon, sketch, simple background,(worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, glans, (watermark:2),(dusty sunbeams:1.0),(abs, muscular, rib:1.0), (depth of field, bokeh, blurry:1.4), (greyscale, monochrome:1.0),(malformed hands:1.4),(poorly drawn hands:1.4),(mutated fingers:1.4),(extra limbs:1.35),(poorly drawn face:1.4), pointy ears,((logo,text)), (extra ar

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detailný pohľad na biele kreslo v čiernobielo moderne zariadenej obývačke v svetlom priestore doplnenej
Describe a room in the Bauhaus style featuring a lone armchair, a chair, and an assortment of magazines and paintings. Emphasize the key elements of Bauhaus design, highlighting simplicity, functionality, and the seamless integration of art and furniture.realistic photo
portable working lamp that is inspired by technological design
Salle d'attente, hôpital, chaises vert es pastel, et bois, dans la jubgle
Describe an interior in the Bauhaus style, characterized by spaciousness, clean lines, and a refined color palette. Highlight the geometric clarity and minimalist shapes, with particular emphasis on the interplay of contrasting elements for a sophisticated ambiance.
Editorial Style Photo, Grid, Dutch Angle, Industrial, Bedroom, U-Shape, Tile, Concrete, Window View, Hard, Organic, Monochromatic, Winter, Raymour
1970. Soft colors. Perfect details. Minimalist design
photo of a mid-century modern lounge with iconic furniture pieces and a retro aesthetic --ar 1:1
modern design villa living room, milk coffee tones, wall texture microcement, round shape, minimalism, deformation art, monochrome sculptor style, zen-like tranquility, eroded interior, architectural scene, minimalism porcelain, subtle tones, yoshioka style, arched doorways, rich and immersive, subtle chiaroscuro, minimalist figures, subtle colors
تصميم إضاءة فريدة تعكس مفهوم الذوبان بشكل فني وجميل.
Theme: form follows function, Style: minimalistic, Colour: 1 or 2 Bright colours, Form: any
Casa mínimalista de concreto rústico con introspección sin ventanas

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