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1 year ago

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2432 × 3648


Planet Earth is flat, surrounded by a wall of butter on a turtle's back in space
a magical cute turtle sitting on top of a sandy beach, a detailed painting trending on cgsociety, a complex armor of iridescent opal made of liquid metal and marble, so cute, shiny golden, with high detail in 4k, turquoise, realistic
cute baby Christmas snow tortoise
A gritty, full-body shot of an insatiably evil black opal iridescent pearlescent dark ancient horned turtle in a dark forest surreal landscape, with sharp ivory teeth, macabre, red yellow purple, Dariusz Zawadzki art style, liminal spaces, horror art, dark gaming background, wet, glossy, horror art, trypophobia, eerie, intricate details, HDR, beautifully shot, hyperrealistic, sharp focus, back lit, 64 megapixels, perfect composition, high contrast, cinematic
Sea turtle with laser eyes
a very cute little baby turtle with a glittery shell on its back, stunning, spectacular, 3D
fantasy turtle, unreal engine, very detail on artstation
Digital art, high quality, digital masterpiece, natural illumination, night,night illumination, spotlight, realistic, film style, beautiful, (full body:3), (1 big ancient Tortoise with spikes on its shell:3), (stoic face:1.8), (Towers:1.8), (In a cave:1.5), (Crown:1.6), (Dark:2), perfect hands
A wise and ancient tortoise, carrying a lush, miniature world on its back as it slowly traverses the cosmos, symbolizing longevity and the interconnectedness of life.
big nose turtle painted orange
Funny turtle

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