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hi tech temple room by Michelandgelo

7 months ago

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4096 × 2304


Toomb of the vampire Count Strahd Von Zarovich. Grand room, stone and marble, dark, black coffin made of polished ebony wood and brass. No windows. Perspective
a very large fantasy world with highly detailed magical artifacts hidden in lavaca, highly detailed, photorealistic, 3-D, CGI, octane render, Unreal Engine, Female Model, Elden Ring, Armor, sword, Old school runescape, Elder scrolls
Vector. i2D animated. Inside the old royal palace. Minimal. Digital painting,
huge gate to hell with huge temple in it
royal match style game, egyptian mobile game style, ancient egyptian palace, game main screen, inside Egyptian pyramid, epic realistic, hyperdetailed, (cycles render:1.3), caustics, (glossy:0.58), (artstation:0.82)
back ground distorted, large room, distorted room, A huge stone monument is placed in the center of the cave room, many stone monuments of various shapes are placed around the monument, many doors are floating in the room, transparent various colored tubes are floating
an ancient gate to another world, glowing with magic. cinematic lighting, hyper realisme, Hyperrealistic, splash art, concept art, mid shot, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, 2/3 face angle, side light, colorful background
Describe the "Gateway to New Jerusalem" in meticulous detail, highlighting every facet of its awe-inspiring beauty. From the shimmering gold full of glory to the intricate architecture, create an ultra-realistic masterpiece of words that transports the reader into this heavenly realm. Capture the essence of peace and divine presence as one approaches this gateway.
hamagedon. a masterpiece, fantasy concept art, dynamic lighting, hyperdetailed, intricately detailed, deep color, Unreal Engine, volumetric lighting, Epic cinematic brilliant stunning intricate meticulously detailed dramatic atmospheric maximalist digital matte painting
Vector. i2D animated. Istanbul. Inside royal palace. Minimal. Digital painting,
a wide shot, "seven chambers", each represented by a different color, atmosphere is vibrant, Greek architecture, in : the comic style, 18th century, surreal theme, at night
Royal throne

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