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A painting of music symbols

9 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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music art abstract
In the style of Wassily Kandinsky
A violet galaxy filled with spaceships painted by Wassily Kandinsky
تصميم غلاف مادة الموسيقى
musical instruments drawn like kandinsky
Jazz art album cover by Robert Delaunay
Stop Hate Style Kandinsky
As My Guitar Gently Weeps; Contemporary; Bauhaus; Neo-Expressionism
Surrealistisches bild von Himmel viele versteckte Sachen Wolken haben form von Musiknoten viele sachen
music is language, language is music make a drawing
abstract impressionism photo real depiction: music also functions as punishment for thought crimes/music industry on call around the clock live on demand 24/7. twist: the 1% wirelessly perceive every silent thought. in the style of popular mechanics pictorial/blockbuster film still
A chaotic shadow realm painted by Stuart Davis

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