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16 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


from paranoia to metanoia; Abstract Art; intricately detailed; luminous; dazzling
AI black body genetic modification marble art realisticv2 surrealism 64k resolution
Photoreal Alien Material Fusion with scientific details
"Every Faculty Of The Human Spirit Was Activated In A Fertile Relationship With Matter To Bring Multi-Dimensional Eclipses And Ellipsis Into Being; Abstract Art; Neo-Surrealism"
Horror Art complex 3D rendering of Abstract Porosity that is translucent, jellied, rotting, crimson, black, and multicolored pus flesh, deep, semi-glossy colors, Porous, Eldritch, Diseased, Putrid, and Wet Texture Background Perfect for zombie skin textures, backlit, 3D Game Cinematic Feel, Epic 3D Videogame Graphics, Intricately Detailed Porosity, 8K Resolution, dim, atmospheric Lighting, Unreal Engine 5, CryEngine, Trending on ArtStation, HDR, 3D Masterpiece, Unity Render, Perfect Composition
Brent Cotton, Craola esque, provoking slick wet raytraced bubbles nanotech biotech geometric macro-photography. Victoria Crowe "chemical danger" droplets, sri yantra, fluorescent, translucent, caustics, ray tracing, random, octane, redshift, cycles, vray, ILM. raypunk, cyberpunk, splatterpunk, cinematic photorealistic influenced by artstation, wildlife photography and Yvonne Coomber
ultrastructure de la cellule
metamorphosys, abstractism, from solid to liquid
realistic biologic cells
a painting of a fractal star surrounded by clouds, a surrealist painting, inspired by Shōzō Shimamoto, space art, neri oxman, an explosion of colors, album artwork, space molecules, anton fedeev, astral appearance, 2 0 2 0, lava, intricate fluid details, by joseph binder, beeple daily art, artwork

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