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Starry Night with evil eye in it

29 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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a male eye with prominent blue iris and reptilian pupil, gothic, darkness
An image that brings together the sun, moon, and eclipse in an eye in a realistic, imaginative way
eye, super nova, universe, galaxy, intricate, 8k,
Mystical eye in space sorounded by starlight sparkles
A blue eye in the middle of the clouds with a dark space with blue tears flowing from the eye and the color of the eye is disintegrating.
עין שבתוכה יש כרישים
Rain, rhinestone, eyes,
AI shattered glass marbled black body gold metalic glossy expose art realisticv2 surrealism 4k resolution art UHD
ojos de un ser superior
Galaxy eye, extinction, space, stars, aliens, galaxies, creation of universe, dinosaur eye, lizard eye
ice spice eye and among us
صورة سنمائية مجسمة لعين الانسان

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