Placeholder: urban fantasy, woman, elf, noble, costume, skull mask, Light blue skin color urban fantasy, woman, elf, noble, costume, skull mask, Light blue skin color



urban fantasy, woman, elf, noble, costume, skull mask, Light blue skin color

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urban fantasy, woman, elf, skull mask, light-blue skin color
[bekka bjorke's style] The bandages and jewelry wrapped the ghoul in a macabre semblance of its former glory. They served as a reminder of the beauty and opulence that had once adorned the creature, now twisted and tainted by its wretched transformation. As Selene clashed with the ghoul, her light dagger meeting the creature's jagged claws, she could not help but notice the tragic juxtaposition of the once-beautiful jewelry against the decay that surrounded it.
papercut 3d portrait of young woman, dark fantasy, beautiful, dark eyes, dark make up, streaks of paint, paint blobs and smears, paint powder, textured, bronze, molten metalics, wild hair, high definition, octane render, 8k, backlit,
femme naturele en face,cheveux bleu,couronne métallique spatiale,yeux bleus,peau bleau,combinaison spatiale,lumière,haute definition
Close-up Portrait of a girl, skeleton face like night before Xmas, blue hair, 8k realistic, goth
Elven princess,blonde gold hair,rapunzel hair,very long hair,elven crown, light blue, white, ice, glitter,sparkle,ice flowers,elven ears,fairy princess, ice fairy,golden armor,ice crystals,dark fairy princess
female elf queen, with elvish crown, with long blonde hair, with grey eyes, with white dress, with melancholic expression
portrait of the Goddess of the Insane
Snow Old Maiden, snowflakes on her head, realistic blue eyes, white hair, white skin, filigree, white tattoo on her face, Celtic symbols, high quality image, realistic image, 8k, high quality, hyperrealism
Corrupted priestess, beautiful face, walking, dark hair, yellow eyes with black sclera, tears, running makeup, leather, body tattoos, body piercings, dark fantasy, art by luis royo and greg rutkowski, portrait shot, concept art, insane detail, ray tracing, photorealism, 8k, octane render, frostbite, depth of field, backlight
detailed attractive lady full size, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, ornate top, white hair, eye makeup, white environment, isometric view, iron robot parts, wire detailed texture, zoom out, blooming, black atmosphere and dark shades, black haze, cinematic lighting , high detail, full quality, beautiful European detailed face, mouth smiling, brown eyes, sharp focus, very complex, generative artist, volumetric lighting, epic composition, octane, 16k, -v 4 -chaos 80
Beautiful young faced voidcore metallic filigree steampunk woman black haired portrait textured azurite ribbed hát headdress ribbed with voidcore style mineral stone ribbed headdress, black pearls i, white crystals n the long black hair, textured floral embossepattern embossed decadent black and light blue and beige costume extremelmly detailed intricate 8 k organic bio spinal ribbed detail of floral embossed voidcore decadent angelic background resolutio maximálist concept portrait t art

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