Placeholder: lamp with armour in 69b.c. lamp with armour in 69b.c.



lamp with armour in 69b.c.

9 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


a chinese armor in a museum, ghibli style
lamp with armour
أعطني صورة يرتدي فيها صفل درع وخودة الصحفي
um duque do século XII com mascara de ferro
armure de chevalier faite de chair
portrait of Knight Templar Crusader, weary from battle, with a sunset behind him
The Count-Knight cursed with face
a man using a blue armor
A futuristic “medieval” knight
Ultra high quality, photo portrait, (super_cool_helm), full_armor_knight, super_cool_armor,super_cool_weapon, ((masterpiece)), best quality, (high quality), absurdres
portrait of a dying medieval fantasy knight that has clouds of hot steam vapor billowing out of the holes in his armor, matte oil painting, concept art, d & d, clear, crisp, sharp, extremely detailed, cracks, pressure, leaking, 4k, 8k
guerrero samurai de 1,78 mts de alto, castaño claro, musculoso y con una armadura sorprendente

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