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een cyborg die een mens slaat

9 months ago

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een cyborg die een mens slaat
User an incredibly realistic humanoid cyborg looking straight at the camera, insanely realistic cinematic portrait photography, the left eye is a red LED, insanely realistic, gritty photography, ominous,
evil alien, devil, brutal face, tron, head, burn eyes, 8k, finely detailed, dark light, photo realistic, hr giger, cyberpunk
ein robotor als künstliche Intelligenz
een cyborg die een mens slaat
Robot malfunctions with high temperature and turns killer
the bygone days of man or the cyborg's journey to hell and back
4K. REALISTIC FULL DETAILS. Robot terminator en marianne symbole france
intimidating metal man very scary
a deadly man cool cyborg thats faraway looking for humans.
4k full realism full details full lights pape terminator
Futuristic cyborg warrior in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, biomechanical armor, blending organic musculature with advanced technology, fierce and powerful stance. Style of Alex Grey, Patrice Murciano, and Carlo Crivelli, vivid and bold colors, surreal and intricate patterns, vivid, powerful, stark contrast, post-human, cybernetics, resilience, dynamic, hyper-realistic, intense expression

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