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Um viking, com cabelos negros e olhos dourados, alto e músculos
Saintly gothic dwarf young but white beard revenant dark veins
a dwarf with long black braids in a big, trimmed black beard. He has a big nose. Big bushy black eyebrows. He is dressed as a Paladin in a fantastic medieval style. He wears golden paladin armor. With a war materiel.
Male, Druid, Goliath, Bald, no beard
a really strong and big, viking that is blind and has brown hair. He is also a bit shy more real. Like a person in real life not fake and he he has some foults.
viking from year 800
Portrait a unded eladrin
dnd, fantasy, high resolution, a bearded young dwarf cleric within Mithril heavy armor, portrait, helmet on,
Saintly gothic dwarf with silver beard revenant dark veins
dungeons and dragons portrait of a dwarven paladin
male wood elf ranger with long black hair, green eyes, wearing scale mail
young half-elf man, pointy ears, fat, tan skin, well-dressed in black and dark blue clerical clothing, long hair, scruffy beard, brown hair

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