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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Crear una imagen de un JARDIN, con el estilo de Claude Monet (bing)
łąka malarstwo realizm kwiaty wiosna Bieszczady trepy
gambar pemandangan di kebun bunga
A green field filled with giant flowers painted by Henri Rousseau
flower garden
sunny day, stone wall, flowers, spring, normal mountains, river, rocks, distant house, epic, gustave caillebotte, isidore verheyden, and otto pippel paintings
English cottage garden in the style of Christopher Forsey
We see all the functions of the family come to a halt, and at last only a lone voice is left to announce the date repeatedly amid the ruins. Houses burned down, fires spread, and all the flowers and plants in the garden became flames.
A sunlit garden with flowers in full bloom, showcasing a realistic and colorful canvas of nature's artistry. Realistic, Colorful Art, Paint, Nikon D750, 50mm prime lens, f/4.0 aperture, afternoon, impressionistic, Acrylic on Canvas.
painting in oil of landscape of several kinds of colorful wildflowers, with a small overgrown country path, ultrasharp, realistic colors
flower garden
sunny day, clouds, mountains, stone wall, flowers, spring trees, spring influence, rocks, distant house, very epic, wilfrid de glehn, jenny montigny, and rodolphe wytsman impressionism paintings

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